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Museo del Prado Miniature Painting

Portrait of a Man
Jose Alonso del Rivero
Gouache on ivory, 69.1 x 52 mm
Ca. 1810
The miniatures collection of Museo del Prado

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The Biggest Stamp in the World

The Yemeni cats are apparently the biggest stamp on the world.

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Smallest Butterfly in North America

The Western Pygmy Blue (Brephidium exilis or Brephidium exile) is one of the smallest butterflies in the world and is the smallest in North America. It has a wingspread of about half an inch.

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The Smallest Stamp in the World

It was issued by Bolivar, a province of Columbia, in 1863 and is called the Bolivar 10c green.

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Mickey RealSize

mickey mouse actual size

Small Mickey Mouse Plush.

About Mickey:

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