RealSize App

The Size Perception Tool
Real versus Virtual
Usually, when we are viewing images of an object (on the internet, magazines, tv, etc. ) we create a mental image of its size. It is very common that this mental image is incorrect, and as soon as we have the opportunity to physically hold the object in our hands, the real size surprises us.

RealSize App is an innovative tool that combines several different technologies (3D rendering, physics, multitouch, motion sensors) to provide you with a very realistic perception of the object's actual size.
Enjoy knowing the real size of a gadget as soon as their specifications are published on the internet. With this tool you will be able to precisely see the actual size of a device before it arrives on market.
How big is the biggest stamp in the world?, how small is the smallest bone in the human body?
Enjoy creating your own virtual reproductions at home and sharing your knowledge with family and friends.
This happens continuously: You shop for a product online, but when it arrives you notice that it is too small or too big. Before shopping for a product online, make sure that it is the exact size you expect.

Creating a virtual replica of an object couldn't be easier.

Define a 3D box using the width, depth and height of the object. Fit pictures of the real object over the appropriate section of the box. A very simple and surprisingly effective procedure.

With RealSize you will be able to create in a very easy way a 3D box that works as a virtual replica of the object you are interested in. This virtual replica provides an accurate perception of its real dimensions, and it can be created in a blink of the eye in two single steps:

    Step 1. Easily introduce the width, depth and height of the object.

    By doing this, you will have a first view of the life size of the object in seconds.
    Width, depth and height is information that is easy to find in the technical specifications of any product. You will immediately have in front of you a 3D box with the dimensions of the real object. This is a first approximation, but usually good enough to determine how big or small this object really is.
    From tech specs to an object approximation in a moment.
    Obtain the width, depth and height of the object. Launch RealSize. Create a new Object. Apply values. Done.

    Step 2. Improve the realism of the model you have created fitting the pictures of the real object over each face.

    The process is fast, easy, pleasant and works very well.
    Look for pictures of the object on the internet, save them to the iPad Photo Gallery. Apply one by one over the faces of the 3D box.

    The process is so easy a child could do it, and the final result is astonishing.
    Add and fit pictures with ease.

    Just select the face you want to edit. Select a picture from the Photo Gallery and fit it into the dotted area with multitouch. Repeat the process for the different faces.

    Apply Color, Name, Notes and Links.

    Once your replica is finished, you can enrich it adding more details.
    If the object is interesting for you, you will enjoy adjusting the details and collecting and storing related information in the notepad provided.
    Adjust the color to approximate that of the real object.
    Give a name to the object and store it in your "Object Gallery" for later viewing.
    Edit and store notes that will be attached to your object (details, specifications, opinions, price, etc.)
    Add links to webpages that have more information about the object. These links will be automatically opened in Safari.

    Adding extra information is also very easy.
    Add Names, adjust colors, write your notes, collect webpage links.

    Share your objects. Enjoy objects created by others.

    A RealSize object can be stored in a file with extension .rsz that can be shared in the normal way.

    When RealSize is installed in an iPad, an association is established between .rsz files and the RealSize App. Any file found with this extension (ie. in an email or a web page) will be automatically opened in the RealSize 3D Window, as if the object has been tele-transported.

    Share objects by email.
    Objects created by RealSize can be sent directly by email. Just select the "Send Object by Email" option, and an email template appears containing the attached object, pictures and instructions.

    To view the object received by email open the .rsz file like a normal attachment and the object appears like magic.

    Access objects published on the web.
    If you are on a webpage that contain objects in .rsz format, just tap over the link and the object will automatically be downloaded and shown in the RealSize 3D window.
    Publishing .rsz files on the web is an excellent way to share your objects with the world.
    Share objects in different ways.
    Send and receive RealSize Objects by email.
    Share your objects using .rsz files on webpages, which will be easily accessible by other users of RealSize.
    The best way to know the real size of an object is always to hold it physically in your own hands....

    ....if this is not possible...., the second best option is RealSize App.
    Try it, it's easy, fast, precise and pleasant to use.

    RealSize Viewer.
    A free viewer for the object replicas created with RealSize.
    For iPad and iPad Air

    RealSize App.
    Solve your doubts about the size of an object in the blink of an eye.
    For iPad and iPad Air