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iPod Shuffle 3G

The third generation iPod Shuffle was released on March 11, 2009 and was said by Apple to be "jaw-droppingly small" and "The first music player that talks to you"[ with dimensions of 45.2×17.5×7.8 mm (1.78×0.69×0.31 in). It was available with a silver or black brushed aluminum case similar to the second generation iPod Shuffle. This made it the first iPod Shuffle that was available in black. It featured VoiceOver technology that allowed song names, artist names, album names and playlist contents and names to be spoken in 20 different languages using the Text-to-Speech incorporated in iTunes 8 and 9. It also gained support for multiple playlists, in contrast to previous versions of the iPod Shuffle, which allowed only a single playlist.

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